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  Vijay Kumar Named Dean of Penn Engineering
Penn President Amy Gutmann announced that Vijay Kumar will be the next dean of Penn Engineering, effective July 1, 2015. Provost Vincent Price called him a person of "experience and vision." The selection of Dr. Kumar, UPS Foundation Professor, successfully concludes a comprehensive search to find a successor to Eduardo Glandt.
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  2015 Commencement Information

View detailed information for the 2015 Penn Engineering Ph.D., Master's and Undergraduate ceremonies including locations, times and speakers.

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  Dawn Bonnell and Nader Engheta Named 2015 MRS Fellows
Dawn Bonnell, Henry Towne Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Nader Engheta, H. Nedwill Ramsey Professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, have been named 2015 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fellows. The fellowship honors those MRS members who are notable for their distinguished research accomplishments and their outstanding contributions to the advancement of materials research, worldwide.
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  David Srolovitz Elected to National Academy Of Engineering
David Srolovitz, Joseph Bordogna Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) for his accomplishments in "theory and simulation of microstructure and properties of materials and leadership in computational materials engineering."

Levitation of a Rare Earth Magnet

In the classroom of Daniel Gianola, the Meissner effect is demonstrated with a rare earth magnet above a YBCO high critical temperature superconductor. The superconductor discs were synthesized by undergraduate students as part of the course MSE 250, Nanoscale Materials Laboratory. Watch the video!

Smart Buildings

In the future, buildings may respond to their external environments. Led by Shu Yang, a research team has developed plans for a structure that will respond to its environment in order to optimize comfort, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Learn more!