Louis Girifalco

Louis Girifalco

Professor Emeritus
Materials Science and Engineering


Research Expertise: Statistical Mechanics of Solids | Theory of Cohesion

Theory of Graphitic Structures
Those cohesive and statistical mechanical properties of graphitic structures that depend on the van der Waals interactions among them are are being studied by using the potential energy interaction functions among them in the theory of the statistical mechanics of low-dimensional structures. The systems consist of nanotubes and ropes containing fullerene molecules. The properties include interaction energies, cohesive energy, heat capacity and other thermodynamic functions, as well as the nature of the clustering of fullerene molecules in these systems. The methods used include lattice gas theory, configurational integral theory and Monte Carlo calculations

Theory of Statistical Mechanics in One Dimension
Solutions exist for several one-dimensional statistical mechanical models in which molecules interact with nearest neighbor only. Studies are under way to extend these theories to non-nearest neighbor interaction for both lattice-gas and configurational integral methods.

Ph.D. Chemical Physics 1954 - University of Cincinnati
M.S. Chemistry 1952 - University of Cincinnati
B.S. Chemistry 1950 - Rutgers University

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