Departmental Offices:

The MSE Main offices are located in Room 200 LRSM, 3231 Walnut Street. The main number for the Department is 215-898-8337.

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Departmental Staff

Our departmental staff is available to help current or prospective engineering students, faculty and staff with any questions they may have about the department, degree requirements, or advising. For more information, see the list below for the appropriate contact.

Irene Clements

Irene Clements
Graduate Program Coordinator
Office: Room 201, LRSM
Phone: 215-898-8337

Kristin Field
Director of Programs, Nano/Bio Interface Center
Office: Room 112A, LRSM
Phone: 215-746-2488

Jamie Ford
Staff Scientist, Nanoscale Characterization Facility
Office: 025 Singh Building
Phone: 573-6123

Vicky Lee Vicky Lee
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Office: Room 201, LRSM
Phone: 215-898-8337
Pat Overend Pat Overend
Assistant to Chair; Office Manager
Office: Room 200, LRSM
Phone: 215-898-8337
Steve Szewczyk

Steve Szewczyk
Manager, Instruction Laboratories
Office: Room 20, Edison Building
Phone: 215-898-8717

Doug Yates Doug Yates
Director, Nanoscale Characterization Facility
Office: 026 Singh Building
Phone: 215-898-2013