Professor Vanessa Chan 
Professor and Undergraduate Chair

Ms. Vicky Lee
Undergraduate Program Coordinator LRSM, Room 201
Phone: 215-898-8337

MSE Undergraduates at Penn

Undergraduate Program in MSE

MSE Society

We have a student-run society for undergraduates called The Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Society. The MSE Society is dedicated to bringing students together outside of the classroom. We believe that a true education involves not only academia, but also social interaction. You can read more about the MSE Society here.

Research Opportunities at Penn

As part of our undergraduate program, all MSE undergraduates have the opportunity to work with a research group through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program in Materials Science and Engineering, normally after the Freshman year.

Students can also explore additional Penn Engineering undergraduate research resources, as well as the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.

View a list of our undergraduate student publications here.

2018 Undergraduate Student Awardees

Godsho Award Simeon Ristic

Hugo Otto Wolf Memorial Prize:  Brandon Kao

R. M. Brick Award:  Noah E. Geller, Noah Glachman, Samantha Burns

Faculty Appreciation Award
:  Grant Shao, Sarah Seeger

William R. Graham Materials Science and Engineering Senior Design Award:
1st Prize:  Simeon Ristic

2nd Prize:  Samantha Burns

3rd prize:   Brandon Kao

In addition, three MSE Seniors were awarded a NSF GRFP Fellowship:
1) Demi Moed
2) Simeon Ristic
3) Sarah Seeger

2017 Undergraduate Student Awardees

Engineering Alumni Society E. Stuart Eichert, Jr. Award
Recipient: Samantha R. Burns


Hugo Otto Wolf Memorial Prize 
Recipient: Daniel B. Durham

James Howard Weiss Memorial Award

Recipient: Daniel B. Durham

R. M. Brick Award
Recipients: Yu Ren Zhou, Zachery W. Iton, Jaron X. Ma

Faculty Appreciation Award
Recipients: Jaron X. Ma, Rachel M. Gordon

William R. Graham Materials Science and Engineering Senior Design Award

1st Prize:  Jaron X. Ma, Lyle C .Wistar, Emily M. Zinselmeier  
2nd Prize:  Daniel B. Durham, Steven A Schwartz, James A. Townley   
3rd prize:   
Sebastien C. Naji

2016 Undergraduate Student Awardees

Manfred Altman Memorial Award
The Manfred Altman Memorial Award, founded in recognition of the outstanding qualities possessed by Professor Manfred Altman, is given annually to the freshman or sophomore in engineering who has best demonstrated initiative, innovation, and ingenuity in his or her studies.
Recipient: Brandon W. Kao

R. M. Brick Award
This award is named for the first chairman of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and is awarded to the graduating senior who has demonstrated through a combination of academic performance, effort, and personal qualities that he or she will be a credit to the Department, the School, and the University.
Recipients: Erik G. Burbulla, Morgan B. Lundblad

Faculty Appreciation Award
This award is given by the faculty of the School of Engineering and Applied Science to recognize and honor outstanding students for their service to the University.
Recipients: Kristen E. Duda, Jason H. Woo, Caitlyn M. Ullman

William R. Graham Materials Science and Engineering Senior Design Award
First Place:Gerardo Cedillo-Servin, Kristen E. Duda, Morgan B. Lundblad, Caitlyn M. Ullman
Second Place: Timothy Kean Khoon Goh, Jin Soo Lim
Third Place: Julia Fordham, Albert Xiao

Hugo Otto Wolf Memorial Prize
This award, founded by Otto C. Wolf in memory of his son, is awarded to that member of the senior class in each department of the School of Engineering and Applied Science who, during the senior year, by the thoroughness and originality of his or her work, meets with the greatest approval of the professors in charge.
Recipient: Timothy Kean Khoon Goh

SEAS Senior Design Competition
First Place: William Cheng, MSE, and 3 MEAM students: Sasha Klebnikov, Christina Springer, Chevonae Walcott

2016 Science Ambassador Scholarship
A full-ride scholarship to study Materials Science and Engineering funded by Cards Against Humanity.
Recipient: Sona Dadhania, freshman, MSE

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