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Professor I-Wei Chen
Professor and Graduate Group Chair

Dr. Mahadevan Khantha
Senior Lecturer and Faculty Advisor
Office: 221 LRSM

Ms. Irene Clements
Graduate Program Coordinator
Office: Room 201, LRSM
Phone: 215-898-8337



Ph.D. Degree Requirements

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Required Courses:


First Year, Fall Term (4CU* Total) First Year, Spring Term (4CU* Total)
  • 2 core courses: MSE 520 Structure and MSE 530 Thermo
  • 2 electives
  • 1 core course: MSE 540 Phase Transformations
  • 2 electives
  • MSE 999 Thesis/Dissertation Research (1 CU)

(* 1 CU = 5XX level course or higher, including MSE 999-thesis research)

To maintain good standing, the 7 approved courses must result in a GPA above 3.25. An example of this is having earned 2 A's and 5 B's. During the first year, seminar series attendance is mandatory.

After the first year, 3 additional courses must be taken, resulting in a total of 10 graduate courses (the SEAS GPA requirement is > 3.0).

Process for Selecting Advisors

As students begin their first semester, they attend Faculty Research Presentations in September. Throughout this time, students can meet with individual faculty and students from their group. In late September, students submit a list of 3 faculty members in order of preference.

For details about MSE, see "Procedures for Advanced Degrees" and for general SEAS rules see the Graduate Student Handbook. The following individuals can also be contacted for information:

Calendar and Important Dates

For the University's 3-year Academic Calendar, see

Important dates for Graduate Students can be found on the SEAS Graduate Student Calendar.