Your MSE Department Contact:

Professor David Srolovitz
Professor and Graduate Chair

Mahadevan Khantha
Senior Lecturer and Faculty Advisor
Office: 221 LRSM

Ms. Irene Clements
Graduate Program Coordinator
Office: Room 201, LRSM
Phone: 215-898-8337


Fellowships and Jobs

The Class of 1939 Fellowship provides full tuition for the first year of Ph.D. study to a student who has received, or will receive, a Penn undergraduate degree in 2015, 2016, or 2017. Under the terms of the donation, the school or the department must supplement this award to create a full four-year fellowship for the student.

The Graduate Group should provide a letter of support that summarizes the qualifications of the nominee and specifies the source of the matching support. It may be uploaded at
or submitted by email to or by mail to the Provost’s Office, 1 College Hall/6303 by the March 31 deadline.

The Y.H. Park Fellowship funds a Ph.D. or a master’s student in the humanities, social sciences, international management, international studies, or fine arts whose primary research area is Korea and whose dissertation will be on Korea.

Applicants are expected to continue their scholarly activities outside of Korea after completion of their degrees. They must have sufficient Korean-language proficiency to use Korean-language sources in conducting research and writing dissertations.

Deadline: Friday, March 31, 2017

Applications may be submitted online at