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Professor David Srolovitz
Professor and Graduate Chair

Dr. Mahadevan Khantha
Senior Lecturer and Faculty Advisor
Office: 221 LRSM

Ms. Irene Clements
Graduate Program Coordinator
Office: Room 201, LRSM
Phone: 215-898-8337

Master's Degree Requirements:

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MSE Degree Program

The Masters degree program in Materials Science and Engineering is the largest program of its kind in USA based on data available in 2013. The program prepares students from diverse backgrounds in engineering and physical sciences to become dynamic players in the materials revolution sweeping our world today. The combination of world-renowned faculty and state-of-the-art experimental facilities at Penn in fabrication, technology, materials characterization and precision microscopy at the nanoscale provides students with excellent opportunities to tailor their Masters education to their professional goals. Our graduates can be found in positions in industries that range from electronics, manufacturing, and communications to transportation and energy, or pursuing doctoral degrees at Penn and other top-ranked research universities.

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) strives to provide every Masters student with a curriculum that reflects their individual interests and scientific background. An academic committee meets with each student at a special orientation session in the department and approves the courses for study in their first semester. All courses taken by students in subsequent semesters need written approval from the Masters Program Advisor. A graduation audit is done at the beginning of the second year to ensure that every student acquires a strong foundation in Materials Science and is making satisfactory progress towards graduation.

The Masters students have many opportunities to interact with faculty and graduate students in both academic and social settings. Students attend faculty research presentations, weekly departmental seminars and are given an orientation on career opportunities by the Graduate Group Chair. Masters Scholars Awards are made each year to highly motivated students to carry out research projects with faculty.

The MSE department of Penn and Drexel Universities organize a Materials Day in February of each year. This event is open to the public and attracts one to two thousand people from Philadelphia and its suburbs including many children of all ages. Different experiments are set up by student volunteers to introduce the wonders of Materials Science to the public. The Masters students have taken a leading part in this scientific exchange and found the experience exhilarating. Social activities are organized every week by the graduate student body of the department and the school.