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Ms. Vicky Lee
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Office: Room 201, LRSM
Phone: 215-898-8337


Undergraduate Degree

Sample Curriculum - MSE Major  (for Fall 2017 and after)

To see a sample curriculum for joint majors, click here. For the latest course information, including syllabi and scheduling, visit Penn InTouch (login required). If you do not have a PennKey, you can view the MSE course list, provided by the university registrar. Please note that the registrar PDF is only updated twice per year and will not reflect all current information.  (Page updated February 2015)


Year 1
Fall Spring

MATH 104
CHEM 101
CHEM 053 (Lab)
PHYS  140
TECH Elective (e.g. ENGR 101)*

SSH (e.g. writing requirement)

MATH 114
CHEM 102
CHEM 054 (Lab)
PHYS 141
ENGR Elective (ENGR 105)
Year 2
Fall Spring
MATH 240
MSE 220 (required)
MSE 221 (required)**
TECH Elective (MEAM 210)
SSH (EAS 203)
MATH 241
MSE 215 (required)
MSE 250 (required)
MSE 260 (required)
Year 3
Fall Spring

MSE 330 (required)

MSE 360 (required)
ENGR Elective (e.g. MSE 430, MSE 515)
Mathematics (e.g. ESE 301)
FREE Elective

MSE 393 (required)
TECH Elective
Natural Science (e.g. CHEM 241)
SSH (e.g. EAS 303)
FREE Elective
Year 4
Fall Spring

MSE 405 (required)
MSE 495 (required)

MSE 460

MSE 440 (required)
MSE 496 (required)
TECH Elective (e.g. MSE 561)
FREE Elective


* Tech Elective can be Engineering (must have 1 or more), Natural Science, or Mathematics courses.

** For CBE and MEAM majors, please check with your Department's Undergraduate Coordinator.