Tresa Pollock presents Grace Hopper Lecture on 3D Material Tomography

Tresa Pollock, Alcoa Professor and Chair of Materials at the University of California, Santa Barbara, presented the Grace Hopper Lecture in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering on March 28.  The lecture, "A New Tri-Beam Tomography System: How Much Information is Enough?" highlighted the development of a potentially revolutionary and novel tool in materials characterization, which has been named the “Tri-Beam."  Consisting of focused and convergent electron, ion, and femtosecond laser beams, the system allows for in situ layer-by-layer material ablation with high removal rates, all while performing high resolution imaging, as well as crystallographic and elemental analyses of materials.  She showed examples of multi-dimensional data sets, containing information across multiple length scales, allowing for new insights into the role of microstructure on materials properties.

Pollock's research interests include the mechanical and environmental performance of materials in extreme environments, unique high temperature materials processing paths, ultrafast laser-material interactions, alloy design and 3-D materials characterization. Her recent research has focused on thermal barrier coatings systems and platinum group metal-containing bond coats, new intermetallic-containing cobalt- base materials, vapor phase processing of sheet materials for hypersonic flight systems, growth of nickel-base alloy single crystals with a new liquid tin-assisted Bridgman technique, development of new femtosecond laser-aided 3D tomography techniques and development of models for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering efforts.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science, in support of its educational mission of promoting the role of all engineers in society, presents the Grace Hopper Lecture Series to serve the dual purpose of recognizing successful women in engineering and of inspiring students to achieve at the highest level. Rear Admiral Grace Hopper was a mathematician, computer scientist, systems designer and the inventor of the compiler. Her outstanding contributions to computer science benefit academia, industry and the military. Hopper a remains a wonderful example of a visionary in her field who exhibited the type of pioneering spirit that is an inspiration to all of us.

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